is a non-official website about Sport Lisboa and Benfica maintained by a group of supporters not oficially linked with the club. Serbenfiquista was originally founded in 2001 and joins everyday thousands of supporters.

In you can find most information in portuguese however all player and match profiles are in english. There is also a special english board in the forum.


in Assembleia Geral Extraordinária: 17Set. Sex. 20h30
in Rui Costa, Vice-Presidente do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
in António Pires de Andrade, Presidente da MAG do Benfica
Guardião Encarnado
in Movimento Servir o Benfica
in Eleições 2021: 09Out. Sáb.

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Futsal SCU Torreense - SL Benfica

Sat, 18 Sep, 19:30

Hoquei SL Benfica 9 - 5 AD Sanjoanense

Sat, 18 Sep, 18:00 , 112

Basket SL Benfica - FC Porto

Sun, 19 Sep, 17:30

Volei SL Benfica 3 - 0 CV Almería

Sat, 18 Sep, 20:00

Andebol Rhein-Neckar Löwen - SL Benfica

Tue, 21 Sep, 17:45